Aircraft Engine Control System

CASE STUDY: Aircraft Engine Control System Compact and flexible solution also reduced costs The customer had an aircraft engine control system common to several engine platforms.  The control system monitored and controlled RPM, temperature, vibration, cycles, position, and other critical parameters to optimize engine performance.  The control system was comprised of several sensor boards and […]

Turn COTS ICs into High-Reliability ICs

Introducing a technical paper demonstrating an internal study conducted by ISI Addressing Market Needs to Withstand High Thermal Cycling Many leading-edge semiconductor device packages are designed for mass-market consumer products, like smartphones, tablets, and wearable technology. While these packages are cost-effective and sufficiently capable for consumer electronics, they are inadequate for harsh environmental applications. For […]

Circular PCB Stack

CASE STUDY: Circular Stacked PCBs Circular PCB Stack for Volume Optimization Custom HiLo connector designed for perimeter of circle – maximizing PCB real estate for components Board-to-board pitch optimized to lower overall stack height Application demanded survival in high vibration and G-force environment Top: pin field, Bottom: socket Mated pin field and socket Core Capabilities: […]

Redundant Capacitor Module

CASE STUDY: Redundant Capacitor Assembly CAPACITOR MODULE CHALLENGE:  Tantalum Capacitors were a single point of failure in critical weapons system Replacement and field failures are extremely expensive SOLUTION: ISI solution provided two capacitors in series, providing redundancy if one cap shorts Unique approach allowed twin capacitor module to be placed on SMT footprint of original […]

Locomotive Black Box Recorder

CASE STUDY: Locomotive Black Box Recorder STORAGE DEVICE Assembly required to withstand an ‘event’ defined as 260C for 11 hours High temp PCB, components and solder selected Miniaturization to fit within very restricted size envelope Memory devices are socket with a custom high-temp HiLo socket, facilitating remote data download ISI assembly passed the customer’s rigorous […]


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